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Seven12 Meaning

Seven12 comes from Ecc 7:12. To summarize it, "Money is a defense, wisdom is a defense." The logo represents that exactly. The owl represents wisdom with wings made of money. Sometimes you will see on our product "Defense Wins Championships" which just gives a new meaning to a old slogan.

To dig deeper into the logo. You will see a sequence of letters and numbers “C7121987B” . On a $1 bill you will see different letters and numbers that I’m sure mean something. For this it’s just my initials (C), 712 ( Seven12), year I was born (1987) and initials (B) . “ONE” has two meanings. It’s a $1bill and it represents where the brand comes from, OMAHA,NE. Last on the bottom you see “Series 2017” once again on a $1 bill this means something so for me it represents the year I that I started working on this brand, 2017.

Now you know what the meaning is and what you're rocking when you make that purchase.

Cameron Barlowe - Owner

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